She danced around after that spanking, not so hard she stated, I smiled. I enjoyed it and when on that journey she was skinny dipping I used that as an excuse to offer her one other spanking. It was the walk back to the camp, a few young girls strolling towards us, smiled, my gf wanted to cover, I said show them your backside and she did.

  • So, you two clearly go to a shool for the mentally handicapped.
  • don’t know if it’s true however, my cat sure likes to be spanked.
  • Anyway, my kitty loves to be spanked.
  • It is time you know all that your lady wants from you.

The solely actual time i get a slight spanking is that if i dress as a school girl and tell him something unhealthy that iv done. Then he pulls up my college skirt, pulls down my panties and twaks me on the ass repeatedly. Its the only time i have the heart to ask for it tougher too as im in character. Yes, I was spanked fairly regularly as somewhat boy by my mum . She all the time took me to the lavatory, bared my backside, put me over her knee and smacked my bottom about 10 instances with her hand.

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When you got here back he’d in all probability really feel sorry, and be a little upset. My girlfriend and I play video games, however after we harm every-different we do not do it as to really make every-different harm for an extended while. Half the time I discover it better to simply cuddle, together with your parnter, then try to be dominitice.

You may think it is only a random fantasy that has run via her mind; something best left as a fantasy not one thing she would like in real life. Plus you love this girl and you haven’t any need to harm her. Now normally when her mother is over one will recommend I be spanked.

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Then he would make us sit subsequent to our spoons, bare bottomed, and make us await one hour. Eventually the time would come and my dad would return to our room. He would make us stand up and then, one by one, he would have us hand him the solid spoon, bend us over his knee, and put the spoon to work. Needless to say, the home was a really noisy place for fairly some time. I was spanked each at school and at residence till I graduated from highschool.

Corner time is more humiliating than the spankings. One time a while in the past, my spouse sent me to the shop to get some gadgets for a party. She supplied to write them down but I siad do not trouble. When I returned home without a key ingredient for a dish her and her friend deliberate to make. She was livid with me and following the celebration her pal advised that I needed to be punished for my forgetfulness. My spouse was additionally upset with me for another infractions earlier that day.

He then rubbed my bottom getnly and said he liked me and that it will damage him worse than it did me. after which it started. It stung so bad I nearly peed on myself.

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I screamed out with each lick but made it through the ordeal. He then helped me get up and lead me to a corner in the lounge where he placed me. He positioned me with my nose within the corner and my hands on top of my head. He mentioned you’ll stand there till I tell you you’ll be able to leave and you are not to maneuver and you should stand in your tip toes. You will get more of the belt if you don’t obey.

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In the dressing room another lady discover my redness and this woman stated, a mother’s hand was required. The girl stated her suit or lack of, she said yes.

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I live in an condo, in the course of the summer time the pool is available. I recalled a center age girl made comments about my swimsuit or lack of. Talk about an otk naked backside spanking, I will always remember it, but on the identical hand wish to not experience it once more. It was not only the spanking, but standing the nook, and then she took me looking for a brand new bathing swimsuit.

My spouse mentioned ” don’t fret I plan on giving it to him good later”. Her good friend replied ” why wait lets train him a lesson now”. My spouse type of liked her thought and I was put over my spouse’s knees and spanked as her pal seemed on. After awhile, my wife requested her friend if she wish to continue my spanking. I was informed to go get the spanking paddle and return to her pals lap. She proceeded to paddle me till tears developed and I pleaded for her to stop.

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On 3 events solely, my dad gave me the slipper – about 8 whacks on the bare bottom ages 10, 11 and 12 for extra severe transgressions. Although I guess I received quite a lot of spankings growing up, usually the threat was sufficient to make me behave. My mum undoubtedly threatened it quite a bit and infrequently in entrance of different people which definitely made me behave ‘would you like your pants taken down?